Using these ancient materials for decoration is recycling. The ecological interest of the process meets up with its decorative purpose. We also associate a part of garden furniture with the industrial items, in order to bring a note of nature into this so metallic universe. Similarily, the integration of natural wood and handworked leather elements gives a luxury tone to some furniture whom the first destination was pure utility and which is now considered as decorative and design, due to its own qualities and context.

Fauteuils années 30

Sofa années 30



Fauteuil de barbier

Barber's armchair


Set of chairs, by "Votre Maison", 1950's

Lampes d'atelier

Workshop lamps

Lampes à tube de verre

Lamps with a glass tube

Console avec des boîtes d'archives

Console with metal boxes

Chaise Piretti

Piretti chairs

TOLIX chaises - Revendeur agréé

TOLIX chairs


Coat hanger

Boîtes en métal

Metal boxes

Corbeilles de rangement

Storage metal baskets

Corbeilles Schafer

Industrial boxes by Schafer

Lot de gravures anciennes, architecture

Set of architectural antique prints

Globes à papillons

Vintage glass domes with butterflies

Curiosités diverses

Cabinet of curiosities